Behold: The Evil iPad Mini Hard at Work, Giving my Son a Voice from Jo Ashline on Vimeo.

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9 Replies to “Behold: The Evil iPad at Work!”

  1. I think you took Rowan´s article the wrong way. It is great that you are taking the good parts about technology to supply your beautiful son with tools for improving his life quality, but on the other hand, Rowan´s article ,while it might have been a bit alarming , its trying to bring awareness of the fact that many parents out there are using this devices to neglect their obligations as parents, totally NOT your case, and not what Rowan´s article was attempting to convey.

    I don´t have children, but I live in a country ( somewhere in Latin America) where I constantly witness parents using ipads not only as a symbol of social status but also to “hook” their toddlers so they can pretend they are child free and neglect them. This is indeed terrible parenting, but I believe that often people do things just because they see others do it and they think it is ok, so they go out there and buy an ipad for their kids just because others have one. So I believe articles like Rowan´s have a valid point if people like these, who don´t question their decisions and just act upon a chain reaction of “sheep parenting”, were to read it. And believe me, sadly there are more people who need to raise the question about what they are doing as parents in regards to handheld devices, that people who are completely aware like you. I don´t think this article was for you but more for raising awareness.

    I hope that your son continues to benefit from all the great things that technology has to offer. My admiration goes to you and your family.

  2. Good point but sad that you are using such bad language and apparently going to teach your son the same. Jesus said in Mark 7:20 ” That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man.” One day we will have to give account for every idle word.

  3. @Julian seriously ? You are detracting from the powerful message of this video

    I think this is totally awesome, thanks Jo for being real and doing right by your kids

  4. Dear Jo,
    I read an article in a web subscription of a mag and saw your counter article and video. I was highly impressed by the way you have trained your son .
    I am from India , i think very few parents (apart from in metros) give their under 12 kids personal cellphones or any personal gadgets to tell you the truth ,let alone giving Autistic kids ipads for maturing their communication skills but hats off to this new venture of your’s and your son’s doctors’ … I would be glad to forward this article and video to a few doctors in India so as to help train their Autistic patients, if you don’t mind that is?

  5. I really have a problem with people who don’t have a sense of humor. Julian haveth none.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the last frame!! Made me giggle my exhausted-special needs – mom butt off!!

    many thanks

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