Jo Ashline is first and foremost mom to her two sons: Andrew, who is eleven and has autism, epilepsy, and global delays, and who possesses a deep passion for big rigs and shiny soup cans, and Ian, who’s ten, loves striped socks and sweatbands, and happens to be the greatest little “older brother” in the world.

Jo lives in Orange County, California, and is married to her best friend Michael.  Together they try their best to duck whenever the perpetual doodie hits the fan.

Jo is passionate about writing, especially about her experiences raising her special needs son, and is dedicated to promoting compassion, providing resources and creating a supportive community through her new website, Special Needs Orange County. She also freelances for The Orange County Register and appeared in the May 2013 issue of OC Family Magazine as one of Orange County’s Inspirational Moms.

Jo writes regularly on her personal blog, A Sweet Dose of Truth, where no topics are off limits. She advocates for children with special needs, pokes fun of family members, candidly explores her past struggles with alcoholism and provides readers an in-depth look at a life spent with a variety of diagnoses that can be found in the DSM IV. Good times.

After visiting her personal blog, readers either leave scratching their heads wondering why the heck they just wasted five minutes of their lives on her latest post or spend their days waiting around in earnest, pacing back and forth and threatening to go on a hunger strike if she doesn’t fulfill their lives by offering a steady stream of her opinions and observations.

She hopes it’s mostly the latter.

Jo recently won her very first Journalism Award for Best Feature Article 2012 from The OC Press Club for her piece entitled How an iPad can give a voice to special needs children.

She covets the rare occasion she can finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold, and loves her life in a way that makes other people roll their eyes in annoyance.



From left: Andrew, Mikey, Jo and Ian Ashline