Jo is passionate about writing, especially about her experiences raising her special needs son, and is dedicated to promoting compassion, providing resources and creating a supportive community through her column, This Modified Life with for The Orange County Register.

This Modified Life is a weekly column which runs online each Sunday, and can be found here. Jo covers any and all topics relating to special needs and is always on the lookout for compelling stories, new information regarding advancements in medical treatments and research, and links to support groups, foundations, and organizations.  Contact her at if you have an idea for a story.

Jo is also the featured blogger on The Mom Blog with OC Moms for The Orange County Register. Her daily posts reflect her opinions on a variety of hot topics, including but not limited to stupid parenting decisions, ambiguous and irrelevant studies that cost too much and are designed to freak people out, celebrity antics and the latest trends in news. Tune in daily to find out what she’s talking about or who she’s making fun of. Leave a comment and join in the discussion because there’s nothing off limits on The Mom Blog!

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