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If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you should already know my opinion on the use of the r-word.

If you’re new here, let me sum it up for you:


Don’t use it.

Don’t ignore it when someone else uses it.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and make it known that using the r-word is outdated, and more importantly, incredibly offensive.

Don’t assume someone else will do it for you.

Don’t minimize – in your head or your heart – the damage using the r-word can inflict. Words have the power to lift others up, and they most certainly have the power to tear others down. The r-word falls in the latter category.

Don’t underestimate the population the r-word is so often and so cruelly used to describe. They are wise, loving, kind, intuitive people and they know a derogatory slur when they hear one.

Don’t just take the pledge to spread the word to end the word today; take it every single day, and mean it.

Don’t forget: When we know better, we DO better.

So now, in case you didn’t already, you KNOW better. You’re already halfway there.

And, I’m going to stop right here. Because rather than reinventing the wheel, I’m going to provide you with some amazing content relevant to today’s “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign.

These are words of wisdom from some pretty awesome folks, so make it a point to stop by and read what they’ve got to say. I dare you to walk away unaffected.

Stop Saying It – Jessica Watson – Four plus an angel

I didn’t mean your kid – Kiddo’s Mom -Autism with a Side of Fries

What’s in a Word? – Kelly Hafer – Military Special Needs Network

An Open Letter To Celebrities On Twitter Who Continue To Use The R-word – Lisa Quinones-Fontanez – To the Max –

My Compliments – Jim Walter – Just a Lil Blog

Lizbeth Cole – Four Sea Stars

The R-word. I get it now. – Autism and Oughtisms

Dear Friend Who Just Did The (R-Word) Impression – Leigh Merryday – Flappiness Is

My Exchange with D.L. Hughley About the Word “Retarded” – Miz KP – Sailing Autistic Seas

Spread the word to end the word – Sunday Stilwell – Adventures in Extreme Parenthood

and last but not least, a piece I recently did when I heard a young child use a word that is so incredibly demeaning and hurtful:

Removing the ‘R-word’ from society begins with our children – The Orange County Register



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2 Replies to “Don’t.”

  1. Hey Jo –

    Awesome post (as usual!). Thanks for the great link up opportunity, and for all you do everyday to get the word out about respect and the differently abled community.


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