These hallways are scary enough. Imagine not being able to defend yourself against your bullies. The world needs more Carsons and far less cowards.

Carson Jones is a senior at Queen Creek High School in Arizona.
He’s got good looks.
Lots of friends
And he’s the star quarterback of his undefeated football team.

Chy Johnson is a freshman at the same high school.
She has special needs.
She’s spent the greater part of her life as a flashing target for bullies.
Recently she’s had trash thrown at her by her Queen Creek classmates.

You could say her high school experience has been vastly different than that of Carson’s.

Chy’s mom, upon hearing about her daughter being bullied, undoubtedly felt helpless. So, she decided to reach out to family friend Carson. She emailed him, requesting any information he could give her about who may be responsible for bullying her daughter.

Carson responded by taking Chy under his wing and introducing her to the rest of the football team, who’s made it it’s mission to protect Chy from those who seek to hurt and harm her.

In fact, she eats lunch with the guys every single day and ever since Carson and the rest of the team has come into her life, the bullying has stopped.

Give me second while I grab a tissue.

Do you see what Carson did there? Carson didn’t just feel bad for Chy or pity her from a safe distance. He didn’t just email a list of names to Chy’s mom and let someone else handle the problem. What Carson did was take responsibility for the well-being of a fellow human being far more vulnerable than he is – someone equally valuable and worthy of respect.

Rather than worrying about how his actions may put a dent in his popularity, Carson let his ginormous heart and kind soul dictate his actions and since he’s considered a leader among his peers, others sat up and took notice. He used his social status to send a priceless message to his classmates and improved the quality of life for a young girl who was being emotionally tortured by a bunch of cowards.

In other words, Carson – and the entire Queen Creek football team – gave a damn.

I realize that in the world of high school sports, this football team is already considered undefeated.

But to me, they scored the kind of touchdown that transcends any scoreboard. These boys are heroes in my eyes (and now that you know the story, your eyes too, I’m sure).
Carson is the perfect example that it can literally take ONE PERSON to affect real, positive, lasting change, especially as it pertains to our special needs community and the way our children and adult children are treated by society.

Now, please share this story with your children.

Because what the world truly needs is way less trash-throwing cowards targeting our special needs kiddos, and way more Carsons willing to protect them.

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3 Replies to “High School Hero Helps Protect Special Needs Girl from Bullies”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Im wondering if this story got out to the news media, if not it should, only because it may make others do the same.

  2. Some people need to look in the mirror and say this someday could be me , then what.

  3. I love what you wrote here so I printed it and gave it to my kids to read. They need to hear about how kids can make things go right.

    There was one thing I was hoping you’d include – this girl, Chy, obviously has something cool that she brings to the table. Carson Jones and his friends must feel it, whether it’s a wicked sense of humor, a warmth, or a genuine patience with people. I imagine that these boys will benefit as much from her friendship as she will from theirs.

    Thanks for letting this story shine.

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