Ten years old.

And finally, tonight, he was able to independently say “Trick-or-Treat,” thanks to his iPad and Proloquo2Go.

We practiced last weekend during a Halloween event at a local zoo and he caught on quickly. The best part – other than seeing the delight on his face once he realized he was able to participate in trick-or-treating on a whole new level -was the look on everyone else’s face as they witnessed a little boy using language in such an innovative way.

It was no different tonight – except maybe for the woman who proclaimed “Ooooooohhhh! Scary!” when Andrew hit the button to talk,  clearly thinking that his iPad “voice” was some sort of Halloween accessory.

But that’s okay.

That just goes to show that we still have a long way to go in educating the public about our kids and adult children and their communication devices.

I took a video of Andrew “trick-or-treating” tonight, though to be honest, I don’t need it, because I’ll never forgot the look of joy, delight, and accomplishment across his face every time he spoke and someone understood him.

I know Halloween is usually a holiday set aside for the frightening and freaky, but I know better. I know that on Halloween, miracles can, and DO happen.

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10 Replies to “All Treat, No Tricks for Our Non-verbal Son this Year”

  1. SOOOO AWESOME!!!!! I am beaming from ear to ear. I can only imagine how you must be feeling.

    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  2. Happy Halloween, Andrew! We can feel your excitement all the way out here in New York state. I hope you made a “killing” in candy!!!

  3. I have perma grin right now. LOVE HIM!! What a sweet and exciting moment for him!!! I wish I had this trick or treater at my doorstep!

  4. I have an Andrew, too. Age 13, Aspergers Syndrome. Unlike some of the symptoms noted for this Autism disorder, he is the smartest, most tender, and most fun kid ever. Socially awkward, uber distracted, and (thankfully) overly talkative, yes, but awesome beyond measure. He is intentionally hilarious, now that he finally gets it when people are joking. His life is now saturated with silly jokes and artistically drawn comical images. So look out “stick figure art world” there is a new star arising! We are blessed.

  5. Ugh my brain. I’ve posted countless links. I can’t believe i messed it up twice. I sincerely apologize. Fighting Monsters With Rubber Swords is the blog. Robert Rummel-Hudson is awesome. He has a book too. I just ordered it for cheap on Amazon. I can’t wait to read it. I know you’re being inundated with comments right now. Forgive my triple-posting. TTFN. All the best to you.

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