So I was on a radio show yesterday (my very first one!) and though I don’t foresee a career in this medium (I hear you have to have a specific face for that and I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify) I really enjoyed myself and would definitely do it again.

The show was featured on VoiceAmerica on the Health and Wellness channel and is a weekly radio segment with Dr. Bill Frea called Autism Spectrum Radio.

Dr. Frea and I were able to touch upon a wide range of topics relating to parenting a child with special needs – specifically autism – such as the initial diagnosis, the importance of having support systems in place, Ian’s role as Andrew’s sibling and how having a brother with special needs has and continues to affect him, the impact that technology such as the iPad has made on Andrew’s academic and social development and the joy of parenting  a child with special needs.

My segment begins around the 15 minute mark but I encourage you to start from the beginning, otherwise you’ll miss the fabulous introduction Dr. Frea gives me (the one where he makes me sound like an expert and someone who knows what she’s talking about).

I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear your feedback once you’ve had the opportunity to listen to it.

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  1. This was great Jo! Your energy and perspective are fabulous and I so enjoyed the chance to hear your voice (literally) in addition to reading it. Thanks for sharing!

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