I get it.

You’ve got a life.

A family.

Kids that you have to feed and bathe (or at least spray down with some Lysol every once in a while).

So I’m going to make this easy for you.

Every Friday I’ll provide you with  links to some of the posts you may have missed from me over the week that I think are worth mentioning again. And you’ll do your part by pretending that you’re paying attention and reading them.



So in case you didn’t know it, I write daily for TheMomBlog over at OC Moms for The Orange County Register. Some of my favorite posts from this past week include:

5 reasons your child should be friends with someone who has special needs.

This post has really resonated among both parents of special needs children and those without, making me swoon with joy that a topic I’m so passionate about is inspiring others to act and assist their kids in forging new friendships with our special needs kiddos. In fact, if you just take the time to read this one post, and pass it on to just one friend, I won’t hold you accountable for the rest of this week’s articles, k?

But just in case you’ve got a crapload of time to kill, here are a few more of my favorites from OC Moms:

Kid-friendly app of the week: Listen to the World

Special needs kids have special moms

Public humiliation: Are parents going too far?

I also found some time to blog here at home on A Sweet Dose of Truth, which I love, because this is my personal corner of the internet where I can laugh, vent and complain at will. This week I stumbled upon an old email from 2005 that reminded me how grateful I am to be sober and officially decided to finally join the PTA at Andrew’s school (there’s a super duper good reason).

So I think we’re all caught up now.

Don’t forget to put your books and pencils  away inside your desks.

You may be dismissed.

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