So recently I was lucky enough to connect with Sunday Stilwell of Adventures in Extreme Parenthood and the first thought that came to mind after I read through her blog was “Where the hell have I been?”

Sunday is all kinds of cool but her Special Needs Ryan Gosling series is what puts the icing on the cake.

Every week she creates personalized posters of Ryan and spreads the cheer to her readers and she’s invited us to do the same.

I’m in and I’m jumping into week four with my first contribution:

Thanks Sunday, for the fabulous idea and the inspiration. I love the lighter side of special needs parenting!


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12 Replies to “A Sweet Dose of Truth: Hey Girl (Special Needs Ryan Gosling) – Week 4”

  1. Hahaha! I bet I know exactly what he meant by “tractor tipping” too! 😉

    I am so glad you joined in on the fun! If there is something the special needs community needs more of it is LAUGHTER!!!

  2. Isn’t Sunday all kinds of awesome?

    Anyhoo… I’ll trade you your tractor tipping scene for my Backyardigan Masked Retriever episode over and over. sheesh

  3. I’m never gonna view the tractor tipping scene the same way again. And as I am subjected to that movie at least 6 times a day, I will have plenty of reminders of Ryan! This is great!

  4. We’ve been watching the same episode of Rachel Ray for YEARS you would think by now I would have tried the recipe.

  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Ours isn’t the tipping over scene right now, it’s a youtube Thomas the Tank Engine song that, at this point, I’d rather hear cats screech than listen to it any more in my life ever. ever. ever.

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