special needs Ryan Gosling

Special Needs Ryan Gosling: Hey Girl, Week 11

Ryan Gosling’s been MIA around here lately and I have to say that things just haven’t been the same. So today I bring you Ryan, in all of his Gosling Glory, doing what he does best; cheering me up and keeping me focused after another week of special needs parenting:     It’s good to [...]

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Special Needs Ryan Gosling: Hey Girl, Week 5

Well, it finally happened. After two weeks of wiping snot, taking temperatures, giving head-to-toe Vicks rubdowns and spoon feeding homemade chicken noodle soup, I finally managed to nurse my husband back to health. Oh. And the kids too. But now I’ve got whatever these goobers were kind enough to pass down and I’ve been feeling [...]

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A Sweet Dose of Truth: Hey Girl (Special Needs Ryan Gosling) – Week 4

So recently I was lucky enough to connect with Sunday Stilwell of Adventures in Extreme Parenthood and the first thought that came to mind after I read through her blog was “Where the hell have I been?” Sunday is all kinds of cool but her Special Needs Ryan Gosling series is what puts the icing [...]

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