Well, it finally happened.

After two weeks of wiping snot, taking temperatures, giving head-to-toe Vicks rubdowns and spoon feeding homemade chicken noodle soup, I finally managed to nurse my husband back to health.

Oh. And the kids too.

But now I’ve got whatever these goobers were kind enough to pass down and I’ve been feeling like crud all week. Which means showers have been few and far between and the tiny flies that I figured were here for the fruit bowl actually seem to be quite fond of me.

Anyways, today’s Hey Girl encompasses where I’m at perfectly. I hope you enjoy it, from afar. Get any closer and you may get a whiff of a woman who hasn’t seen the backside of a loofah in a really long time.



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8 Replies to “Special Needs Ryan Gosling: Hey Girl, Week 5”

  1. I love it! Ryan knows a good thing now, doesn’t he? Nordstrom’s ladies are soooooo high maintenance… not like we special needs, sweatpant wearing, unshowered, devoted advocate kinda gals!

  2. Swoon! I love that man! He’s so my type of guy! And apparently, according to this poster, I’m HIS type of woman. Who knew?

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