I’ll admit it.

I was a bit nervous


Not a bad nervous

A giddy nervous

There’s a distinct difference, you know.


I held the paper

in my hand

and stared at the numbers until they blurred together into one big ink blotch

bit my lip

grabbed the phone

and dialed


The voice on the other end was sweet

higher in pitch than I had anticipated

and I think I overdid it when I introduced myself

too much information

too quickly


much too perky

Kinda desperate even.


But she didn’t seem to mind

and so

we talked

and I giggled a bit hysterically a few times

(OMG. I hope I didn’t snort. I totally snort sometimes).

and then it was over

in a flash

and my heart rate returned to normal

while my eyes filled with tears







(I think I may have also drooled a little)


At 9 years old,

His first official playdate.

With his first official school friend.

A friend he picked out and loves.

A friend that is all his own.


A friend.




Sometimes miracles take for freaking ever.

But man,

are they worth the wait.


I know baby. Mommy's pretty darn excited too.




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