It’s hard for our little family to feel like we’re all on the same page sometimes.

Especially when it comes to activities that involve the boys;  Andrew just isn’t physically equipped to keep up with or even try all of the activities that interest Ian. His severely delayed fine and gross motor skills make it difficult to pick something everyone will enjoy, especially now that Ian is getting older and the playground just isn’t as exciting as it once was.

That’s not to say that our boys have to do everything together, but it’s nice when we can find something that’s  fun and inclusive for both of our kids. Andrew and Ian’s worlds are so vastly different, that having those few special moments they are able to share together helps to not only set those differences aside, but also provide them with a stronger brotherly bond.  We’ve had to figure out what works through the process of elimination, ending up with a long list of Don’ts, and a much shorter list of Do’s.

Luckily, now we can add one more to the “Do” list, thanks to Razor scooters.

It was a few weeks ago at a Razor sponsored event that we first realized that the scooters had the potential for providing Andrew with not only entertainment, but some physical therapy as well. I love it when he’s having fun and getting some much needed intervention without even knowing it. While he was unable to ride the scooters himself, we were able to assist him and he had a blast. The scooters, which included the popular eSpark,  forced him to engage his core, (which helps him sit up straight in school and builds serious muscle) as well as concentrate on his balance and coordination skills. But it didn’t feel like work to him, since he was zooming around the park, so it was a win-win for all!

Thanks to Razor, we were recently able to give a few more models a try to really find the right fit for Andrew, so that he could enjoy the scooters with Ian and Mikey during family outings to the park.

Safety first!

Helmets are a must for the kiddos!

Mikey getting Andrew set up on the E300, an electric scooter with a wide deck that allowed Mikey to ride tandum with Andrew.

He loved being able to enjoy the scooter with his daddy!

Ian prepares to catch up to his dad and brother on the electric E100, a smaller version of the E300. I loved watching the three of them be able to participate in an activity as fun as this one together!

Mikey assists Andrew on the A3 Razor kick scooter. Though Andrew is unable to use it on his own yet, he loves practicing with his dad and doesn’t even realize what a workout his muscles are getting!

At the end of our afternoon, there were smiles for miles, but the biggest one of all was mine, because this mama’s heart was full of joy knowing that her boys spent the day laughing, connecting, enjoying one another’s company, and just being kids.

Especially the biggest kid of all.

*Razor provided our family with scooters for the purpose of a review. But, all opinions (and I’ve got a lot of them) are always my own.

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