I love it when Mikey spends time with the boys.

The sounds of laughter coming from the bedroom as the men in my life build new cities out of legos and create artwork that would rival Picasso make me all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside.

They speak their own language when they are together, and connect with their dad in a way that is so different from the way they connect with me.

It’s something I know that Mikey treasures, and his natural ability to be such a hands-on amazing dad is one of the things I find most attractive about him.

Unless of course I walk into the kids’ bedroom to find that he is teaching my firstborn how to gamble.

I mean, I’m all for diversity in Andrew’s repertoire of play skills  but I suspect Mikey’s motives are more Texas Hold ‘Em than Go Fish.

In any case, I got a cute video out of it.

Andrew Learns to Gamble from Jo Ashline on Vimeo.


And Mikey and I came to a compromise.

He can teach Andrew how to be a card shark, as long as I can teach Ian the words to Wilson Phillips “Hold On,”.

With harmony.


Go Fish it is.




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