So Sunday was one of those days where for 24 hours the universe shrunk a little bit and revolved around Me (okay, so not really that much different than Monday-Saturday, but bear with me a moment). .

I recently became a columnist for OC Moms (as well as their Special Needs Ambassador) in collaboration with The Orange County Register, and my first article was published this past Sunday.

I woke up bright and early (or maybe I just never fell asleep?) and approached my laptop like a child on Christmas morning who can barely make out the faint outline of the bicycle he begged for and didn’t think he’d get but HEY!! Look! there it is all shiny and new!

I found my article online and stared at the image staring back at me (mainly my tiny head and byline) like a mother who gazes upon her newborn for the first time, and though it sounds all kinds of warm and fuzzy, I’m pretty sure I looked creepy, especially with the pool of drool that was quickly gathering next to the keyboard.

And that is how my husband found me when he FINALLY woke up at the ungodly hour of 7:30 a.m (hello selfish! who can sleep in at a time like this????!!)

So naturally I spent the entire day glued to my computer and iphone, keeping tabs on the number of Facebook shares I was getting and making sure I knew what I was going to say when someonesuperimportantandfamous called me to offer me millions of dollars to write for a living.

The phone call never came (I’m sure it’s a slight oversight and will be remedied quickly and accordingly), but the euphoric feeling that something I wrote was out there in cyberspace being read by way more people than this little ‘ol blog lasted all day long, and really came to a head when, right before bed, I discovered that my article was also picked up here.

Um.  Hello Jazz Hands!!!!

Anyway, I wanted to share the news (again) and then I’ll shut up (don’t count on it) and I promise to blog more because I realize that it’s been an entire week since I’ve posted something about…..myself.  Why you stick around, I don’t know, but a big THANK YOU to everyone who has believed in my dream of writing.  Especially my uber handsome husband, my mom, my dad, my sister, my best friend, my mother-in-law….

And if that sounds a little like an acceptance speech, you’re damn right it is.  Because next up is an Oscar, or a Peabody, or whatever the hell kind of award they give to a small town* writer with big ass dreams.

*Orange County, California is technically bigger than a small town.  In fact, I think it has like a few million people in it.  But it sounded better that way, and as a columnist, I find it necessary to take creative license in order to prove my point.  I don’t expect you to understand.

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3 Replies to “In Case You Haven’t Heard (insert eye roll here)”

  1. Congratulations on your article publication and to giving a voice to the special needs families in our community!

  2. Jo-I've been reading your blog for at least a year now, and you are an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing your life to let others know they are not alone.

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