I love relatives.

In fact, a very thoughtful one recently gave us a unique gift for Christmas.  She had one of our family photos turned into a jigsaw puzzle.  I know!  How……….special is that?!

I’ve been avoiding it like the plague saving it for a special occassion and guess what?  Last night Ian managed to find it under my car tire.  Thank goodness because I have been searching everywhere for that thing and was ready to call it a day and admit defeat.  But in swooped my nosy and relentless little troublemaker  determined seven year old, and luckily the puzzle was still intact and not damaged.  At all.  Not even a little bit.  Imagine that. 

I was thrilled, to say the least. 

So when Ian asked me to build it with him last night, I promised him I would, just as soon as I finished up some very important chores, such as
scrubbing the bathroom grout
retiling the roof
tilling the soil
and making and jarring fresh fruit preserves (it’s never too late to start a new time-consuming hobby!)

but damn if I don’t posess a fantastic work ethic and was done with plenty of time to spare.

So we started the puzzle by laying the pieces out on Ian’s bed and sorting them by color.  I was in a patterned  dress in the photo, so spotting the puzzle pieces that were just me was easy enough, and I began to make a pile. 


After a few minutes I looked over to see how Ian’s pile was coming along and noticed that he was done.

Everyone else

So it seems that out of a 500 piece puzzle, I consist of 457 pieces.


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