Sebastion Smith Is crapping in his diaper.  Can’t wait until mom gets a “load” of this!
Veronica Wellington Is sick and tired of circle time and yogurt for snacks.  Also, ran into that b*#! Astrid in the sandbox again.  She better watch it during nap time.
Rob “the snake” McAllister Is Wasted!   Dude.  Beer.  Lots.
Lori Kestolowicz Adams  Coffee’s on.  Dropping off Stella at preschool, then taking Forest to his doctor’s appointment.  Then a pit stop at Target for some dryer sheets and pantyliners.  Then pick up Stella, and have lunch with my mom at Z’s in downtown.  Yum.  Then back home to pick up the dog, and take him to the vet and groomer’s.  Then time for laundry and some yoga while the kids take a nap.  Then making fish tacos and
rice for dinner.  Then Zack comes home from work and we’ll argue about the budget and his hot secretary.  I’ll cry and we’ll make up and then even though I’m tired, I’ll put out and once again end up unsatisfied and feeling like a two bit whore. Finish the night off with a fifth of vodka and some brownie batter .  Happy Tuesday everyone!
Rhonda Fairbanks  Is crapping her diaper.  Also thinks she accidentally mailed her dentures with the electricity bill. 
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  1. I think I know that "Lori" chick. She's one of OUR friends. Can you guess who I am referring to? haha! She's what we call the "facebook OVERsharer".

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