I send my eight year son to school.
Each morning, I wait outside with him for the little bus that winds its way up our hill and parks in front of the driveway. 
I hug and kiss him all the way up the bus steps, handing him over to his wonderful and very competent driver at the very last possible second.

My fingers touch the window next to his seat, and because he loves this bus and the fifteen minute drive to school,  he is overjoyed as he departs and he flashes me one last grin before the bus rounds the bend and he disappears for what seems like forever.

And everyday
it takes all I have in me
not to buckle at the knees
collapse onto the rough earth
and sob uncontrollably
until my ears ring
and my lips tingle
and my head pounds

and grab him off that bus
and never let him
out of my sight

This may sound slighty dramatic to you


Each day, I send him into the care of others

strangers each September
household names by June

my precious everything
is unable to defend himself
or reminisce about his day
my reason for living
relies on these people


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.
There is not one materialistic gift
that could even begin
to encompass
the gratitude I feel
towards the people
who keep my son
on solid ground
while he is somewhere other
than in my overprotective arms

Tomorrow is Thank You Card Day
and though he is unable to put into words
what he probably feels in his heart

I am.

So thank you
“Team Ashline


*We Love You:  Mrs. S, Ms. M, Ms. Q, Ms. E, Mr. R, Mrs. J, Mrs. R, Mrs. B, Ms. J, Ms. N, and our beloved sidekick, Ms. Heidi*

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2 Replies to “You Are Appreciated”

  1. I usually get too wrapped up in other things, like trying to avoid or end tantrums or being fearful of my daughter's future that I don't recognize the blessing of having great caregivers for Lauren. Yes, both the parent and the child depend on these people! I've never looked at it that way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jo,
    I. Feel. The. Exact. Same. Way.
    I love the team we have assembled for Jack at his school. Without them, I would be a mess.
    I make sure that I carefully think about both their holiday presents and end of year presents so they know just how thankful I am.
    Jo–You frickin rock.

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