I am
paying the price
for keeping my children

counting to 400 during catch

wiping drool and cheese crackers off of the leather couches

breaking up a Mack Truck Mid-day Standoff

fielding questions
such as

“Can We Play Catch Again?”

“Can I Have More Chocolate?”

“When Will Daddy Get Home?”

“Can Reindeer Be Jewish?”

To which I replied:


“Absolutely Not”

“Not Fast Enough”


“Well, I’m sure reindeer are free to excersise the religion of their choice, just like all of the other little animals intheforestandpleasedon’taskmewherebabiescomefromrightnowbecauseiamtiredandyoujustmightgetthewholeuglytruthoutofme.

Tomorrow.  The.  Park.

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2 Replies to “Can Reindeer Be Jewish?”

  1. What a well thought out question! So Hilarous! I didn't know kids that age knew that kind of stuff!

    Brilliance, Jo! You are raising Brilliant men!

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