They came.
They colored.
They conquered.

Today was the first day of school.
More importantly,
The first day of Kindergarten.

I love teaching this age group
but each First Day of School
I sort of forget why.

New faces.
New names.
New Playground Drama.

I am too tired to type.
Too exhausted to think of a title for this post.

Please take a moment to feel sorry for me.
I think I need faster shoes, a taser, and at least a standard Costco-sized palatte of Airborne.

Must. Eat. Chocolate.

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2 Replies to “"……………………………."”

  1. Man. I can't imagine teaching that many small children. I have all I can do to manage mine. You certainly have my sympathy. It must be exhausting.

  2. Teaching Kindergarten (or any grade, really) is nothing but a horrible nightmare to me. Thank God he made fine people like you who are willing to endure it 😉

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