I reside
in the center of a fierce storm
brewing all around me, destroying those I love,
crushing egos and creating new scars

I open my mouth to
utter words of encouragment or support
but they sound superficial and stupid in light of all that is happening

There is little I can do
though my nature is to rush towards the mess and try to untangle it
so my heart and hands are restless
as I watch pain overcome loved ones

I make noise as I speak but make little sense
because mere words cannot undo
the solid damage of heartache
and death
and disappoinment

I am stuck here
in the eye of this brutal and unfair storm
watching the human spirit crumble
while I stand on a shaky foundation
amidst a false calm

Today I wish I could control what is not mine
I am helpless

*This post is not meant to be mysterious. There are people in my life going through some tough times.  Sometimes, in order to process and accept what is happening around me, I turn to the one thing I know, which is writing.  In order to be true to myself in something I am fiercly passionate about, I choose to share with you most everything, even though it may not make sense and you may walk away going, What the Hell Was That.

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3 Replies to “Stuck”

  1. The perfect storm? I think not. One day the storm will pass.. it will. And when it does, light will shine. And where there is light, there is ALWAYS hope. It might leave destruction, scars, or even almost nothing, but something can always be made out of nothing. The structure is well studied and thought out well. It's built stronger and tougher, to withstand anything else that comes its way. The foundation however, will never go away.

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