They came.They colored.They conquered. Today was the first day of school.More importantly,The first day of Kindergarten. I love teaching this age groupbut each First Day of SchoolI sort of forget why. New faces.New names.New Playground Drama. I am too tired to type.Too exhausted to think of a title for this post. Please take a moment to [...]

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8:07 a.m. Thursday morning: Superman reading a Clone Wars book out loud, ignoring the cartoon on the tv behind him. As his mom, I couldn’t be more proud. As his kindergarten teacher, I take full credit.

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Are we there yet?

I love my job. I do. Really. But my students have completely lost their minds. I know that it is hard being in school when your friends and neighbors are already spending their lazy summer mornings watching Nick Jr. while you read, write, and calculate simple math problems. I imagine it is excrutiating to be [...]

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