I love my job. I do. Really.

But my students have completely lost their minds.

I know that it is hard being in school when your friends and neighbors are already spending their lazy summer mornings watching Nick Jr. while you read, write, and calculate simple math problems. I imagine it is excrutiating to be holed up in my classroom when you could be swimming, skating, biking, or causing havoc in your neighborhood cul de sac.

I understand. I too feel caged in and wonder how I will make it through this next month.

But I beg you to please hang in there for a few more weeks. Together, we can do it. We can make it through relatively unscathed. But I need you to stop doing just a few things so that I don’t end up accidentally losing my mind.

Stop whining
Stop shrieking in a pitch reserved only for dogs
Stop touching, pulling, and pushing each other
No, you can’t just take the toy out of his hands, you have to ask first
Yes, you can go get a drink of water.
No, my name is not TEAAAAAAACHER………
We have been lining up at the same spot since September. Why do you suddenly need a GPS to find your way?
I can’t understand you when you are speaking in tongues.
Yes, you have to write the whole sentence
No, you can’t take it home and finish it there
Just Do It
Get off him
Raise your hand
Get in your seat
We sing the Good Morning song, we don’t scream it
The Golden Rule! Remember the Golden Rule!

July 29th people.

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