Your kids told me.


All was divulged.

Grown up opinions coming from mouths covered in candy corn.

“He’s weird.”

“He’s too old to do the job.”

“I don’t like him.”

“Rock Obama!”


“Teacher, can I go potty?”

And so went our first introduction to freedom, elections, and the right to vote in our small and loving kindergarten class. It is amazing what a child will retain when in the midst of adult conversations. My five year old students had passionate opinions about both candidates, which led me to believe that at least part of those opinions were formed at the dinner table while mom and dad discussed the economy, healthcare, and the war on Iraq. Or they have nonstop access to CNN.

And I get the privilage of hearing these opinions firsthand during group discussions.

But echoing parental sentiments is not only reserved for topics relating to the upcoming election.

My little munchkins will discuss just about anything you discuss in the privacy of your home. Little people have great listening skills (more commonly referred to as “selective hearing”) although I am pretty sure I don’t get the conversations verbatim or in their entirety.

Which of course makes for entertaining dialouge.

And since superman is one of my students this year, his front and center presence in my classroom is a constant and gentle reminder to lower my voice when discussing anything from itchy body parts to account balances to which student happened to cause my pounding headache and grumpy mood.

Because ALL will be repeated. In 0ne way or another. And you never know which teacher, neighbor, grocery store clerk or relative is listening.

Just a gentle reminder.

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2 Replies to “I know who you’re going to vote for……”

  1. YOU are an amazing writer – since the first time I read your writing on the balcony of your dorm room in Piast – the words on the paper took my breath away… and we were a youthful early 20 somethings back then. You have a talent that you must share with the world! Love you sweetness!
    your E.C. blondie! :-)*

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