I kid you not.

I discovered this strange phenomenon a week or so ago. I was just doing my thing in the bathroom when I looked up and……, Jesus was staring right at me from the glass cinammon apple air freshener i keep on the counter. It was startling and creepy to say the least.

So of course, i called in monchichi’s ABA therapist and made her sit on the toilet.

“Tell me what you see” I said to her.

“Um, an air freshener.”

“Look closer. Just relax and take a deep breath and look again” I told her, hovering over her hunched body, which was perched on the toilet in our guest bathroom.

“hmmmmm……………OH! OH WOW! I see it!!!”

“What? What DO YOU SEE?”


This is an educated woman. That is why I asked for her unbaised opinion. Because she is a qualified professional that works with my child several hours each day and is in a Master’s Program and is super put together.

And she saw Jesus!

And so did my sister.

And my mom.

And my husband.

And my sister’s boyfriend (or as I like to call him, her common-law-husband)

And last night my skeptical best friend was going pee when she came out of the bathroom, stone-faced and slightly shaken up:

“I saw him!”

So now I ask you, smart and unbaised reader:

What do you see?

*Just for the record, this photo is real. We did not photoshop it in any way. It is exactly what is sitting on our bathroom counter as I type this.*
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3 Replies to “Jesus Is In My Air Freshener”

  1. Wow! That is bizarre! I do see it.

    You know, people sell stuff like this on Ebay for thousands of dollars! Course, I don’t know if Jesus would want you to do that. 😉

    Over from Classy Chaos.

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