It has been almost a month since I last posted.

Not because my life is dull, or I have no opinions.

But because I am a closet writer.

That’s right. I have yet to admit to myself that I know I am good enough to blog publicly and build readership and engage people as I spin stories about kids, autism, night time eating and other valuable and important topics.

I question myself.
I wonder if I am good enough.
Witty enough.
Strong enough.
Passionate enough.

But how can I discover that if I continue to cower everytime I see my laptop sitting at the table, beckoning me to log on and type.

I need to write more for me than for you, but i hope you join me on the journey. You may be inspired. You may be bored. You may decide you could care less about what I have to say.

But I am going to say it anyway.

And I am going to hone a skill I have loved but failed to nurture, protect, and practice.

My Writing.

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One Reply to “Questioning Myself”

  1. I feel the same way. As more people find out about my blog, I am having a harder time writing. I just found you on Classychaos and read your post about about how you couldn’t have another child because of the high risk of autism. It really moved me. I will be back!!!

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