I was lucky enough to endure two bouts of pink eye in the last week. In both eyes. Needless to say, I was grumpy, and being grumpy is not part of the job description for a kindergarten teacher. I tried in vain to be extra cheerful during circle time. I stretched my mouth into a painful grin each time a student needed extra help or had a “very important” question that needed “immediate” attention.

But truth be told, I was over it.

Of course, in my attempt to recuperate my eyeballs from the awful experience that is pink eye, I tossed out all of my eye makeup and went to school au natural for the duration of my recovery.

“Teacher, why did you take your eyelashes off?”
“What happened to your face teacher?”
“Um, Mrs. A, could you please put your sunglasses back on?”

Needless to say, kindergartners are not well versed in tact, and neither are certain adults for that matter, as one very observant mom approached me with “my goodness, your eyes are rather small today.”

I am all for honesty people, but sometimes not saying anything at all is just as good, if not physically safer, than telling the truth.

And this week, instead of our insect unit, my class will be learning all about Kindness, Compliments, and most importanly, thinking before speaking.

I will be inviting some adults to participate as well.

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