After obsessively logging on and reading a dear friend’s blog (classy chaos) for the last six months, I have finally decided to try this blogging business for myself. What finally inspired me to take the plunge and divulge the details of my not-so-boring life? A brisk walk through my upper-middle- class neighborhood finally did me in. I just had to share my anger and bitterness and fury with someone and realized that my four and a half year old may not be the best audience for my ranting and raving. Haven’t I scarred him enough as it is?

I live among jaguars and bmw’s and recreational golf carts, though the nearest golf course is five miles away. I live on a piece of Southern California heaven and it wasn’t until this afternoon that I realized that despite the gorgeous views and breathtaking scenery, i am surrounded by
cheap, self-centered, whiny people who can’t see past their own noses; people who wouldn’t know the meaning of “community spirit” if it came in and sat next to them on their living room sofas.

Maybe a little background will prove helpful.

I work for a private school two miles from home. My six year old son, “monchichi” was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of two. After soliciting donations at my school last November for an Autism walk our whole family was participating in, one of the teachers became inspired and promised to organize our very own Autism Run. This next friday, May 9th, our wonderful school will be participating in this event, running, walking, crawling, and hopping across our field to raise funds for research and awareness. YAY!! I decided to take my four and a half year old, “buzz darth superbatman” around our neighborhood this afternoon to gather donations for this wonderful (i know, I am just a tad biased) event.

*(insert sniff and sigh)* Twenty minutes later, we came back with, drum roll please………
FIVE DOLLARS. Now, I am not in any way ungrateful for this five dollars. In fact, without it i would feel like a COMPLETE failure in my attempt to garner support for our cause. But seriously folks, when a woman, whose husband is an optometrist, whose house has three stories and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, whose driveway boasts two SUV’s and a gigantic iron CLOCK and whose house is named “The Villa” responds to our request for a donation with “it is not a good time for us financially,” I am forced to come home and creat a BLOG in order to vent what awful emotions regarding this blatant lack of humanity have ignited in me.

So this is my first blog. It’s not as welcoming and rainbows and chocolate sprinkles as I imagined my first post to be, but it was inspired by my life and that is the whole point of doing this thing…… so, if you want to laugh, cry or simply kill a few minutes inbetween diaper changes, then come back and visit. I promise to always tell the truth.

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3 Replies to “Out of sugar? Don’t come knockin on my door…..”

  1. Awww Jo, that just sucks! Sorry that you did not have the best luck this afternoon, some people just don’t care about anything that doesn’t effect them first hand!

    {{{{{{ gentle hugs }}}}}

  2. A sweet dose of truth.
    I love it.

    Some people suck. I am sorry about your bad day. At least you get a blog out of it. 🙂 Can’t wait for more!!!

  3. Cudos to you for even attempting to collect donations from neighbors. Remember, appearances are just that, appearances. It may be tough for them right now, with the economy in the state it is and his practice may be suffering. It really sounds like they are straped financially with all the “TOYS” they have. They may be really over commited, financially. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that it is not on you. You have KARMA for decades. That particular neighbor’s karma is definetly in question. What goes around comes around!!! You are as awesome as they come!!!!

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