It is customary, in our home, to end the day with a sweet little prayer that my parents taught my preschooler to say. This prayer is said in Polish, and my sister and I grew up reciting it as well. Dobranoc, Dobranoc, aniolki na noc……..good night angels. Hearing our little guy say it each night connects us as a family to each other and to God. It is a sweet and perfect way to end a full day.


Last night Ian decided to ad lib a little and after finishing his prayer he added a very serious and important request:

“and God, please help Lulu (our 10 week old kitten) to not pee pee or poo poo in our sandbox anymore.” I silently agreed, since I found her doing her business not in her litter box but in the kiddos sand box, which contained really nice and somewhat expensive blue and green crayola sand.

That kind of honesty can only be found in a four year old. And Ian seems to have an unending supply of it.

When I stayed home sick last Thursday, Ian wanted to stay with me. I told him that if I allowed him to skip school and stay home, he would have to “be good and let mommy rest.”

After thinking about this for a few seconds, he looked up from his bowl of cereal and replied, matter of factly, “then I better go to school mommy, because I don’t know how to let you rest.”

And that is the best kind of honesty. The kid kind.

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