special education

What Did You Think I Would Do? Stay Quiet?

You hear about it, over and over again, until it’s no longer shocking. Just incredibly sad. You imagine what you would do if it happened to your kid. But you never actually believe that it would, because, how could it? You’re vigilant, involved, dedicated, educated, aware. You volunteer, you show up to meetings with cookies [...]

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Why I FINALLY Joined the PTA

They’re tucked towards the back of the modest sized campus; four portable classrooms in the left corner, dedicated to the special education students that comprise a healthy chunk of the overall student population at the school. At any given time you can see these K-6th graders walking around campus, assisted by an aide or teacher, [...]

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Back-to-School Blues: How Andrew Managed to Make Me Look Like a Whiny Liar

So Andrew started fourth grade this morning. I say fourth grade, but really, it’s all sort of ambiguous when you have a special needs child with as many developmental delays as he does. He’s more like in PreK1234th grade. But that’s for another day. Instead, I come to you today to tell you that my [...]

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