Terra Cotta is for the Living

I’m supposed to come over for a cup of tea and some low carb shepherd’s pie (apparently there is such a thing) but I’m worried about later about how I’ll feel the afternoons have been tricky lately “Can I come now?” I ask her over the phone, already in the car and heading in her [...]

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I Miss Rome

My landscape It used to be wide open     far reaching not quite limitless but comparatively speaking, pretty darn close   Somewhere between Then and Now It started to shrink slow motion at first and I almost missed it   But things like these have a tendency to feed on people like me (you [...]

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Lumberjacks are people too

In an effort to keep from rolling myself into the fetal position and giving in to the voices inside my head, I’ve convinced an innocent woman new therapist to take me on as a patient.  I found her through my network provider website, and picked her out of dozens of names because of her close proximity to my [...]

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