A few months ago my husband approached me and uttered six words that gave me instant chills:

“Let’s get rid of our cable.”

As someone who loves her tv I was mortified at the thought. I may have inserted some choice four-letter expletives as a response to his insane suggestion.

That’s when he broke down our monthly bill and told me all the impromptu Target trips that added up to.

Suddenly I was interested.

He explained that if we got rid of our cable, we could purchase an Apple TV or a Roku and stream our television programs directly from there. We already had a Netflix account but it was mostly used by our special needs son who relied on it to watch his beloved Thomas the Train episodes.

I worried that I’d be missing out on a lot of programs but my husband logged us onto Netflix.com and suddenly I saw the possibilities: Reminiscing while watching old favorites, starting shows I never had the chance to watch (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, just to name a few) and getting addicted to Netflix originals (I can’t say enough amazing things about Orange Is the New Black. Trust me. There’s nothing like it on television).

A few weeks after my husband first approached me, I made the phone call to AT&T and disconnected U-Verse account. It was easier than I had anticipated and only took 5 hours on the phone, most of which was spent trying to convince the customer service rep that “YES, I WAS IN FACT SURE I WANTED TO CANCEL OUR TV SERVICE.”

It’s been since August and I LOVE the way our television watching has changed. The kids have access to wonderful programming via Netflix and once they’re asleep it’s my turn to hog the remote and enjoy commercial-free television.

This Thanksgiving, my little sister is in town from NYC. On the flight over, she caught two episodes of New Girl and was instantly hooked. Our plan on Turkey Day? To stuff ourselves with our favorite dishes and spend the rest of the evening parked on the couch, watching back-to-back episodes of New Girl on Netflix.

Now that’s my kind of holiday.

My Netflix menu. As you can see, plenty to choose from for everyone in my television loving family!


*Full disclosure: In September I was invited to be a member on the Netflix #StreamTeam. I’m excited to bring you monthly Netflix updates, the newest titles, and great ideas on how you can incorporate family-friendly television watching into your busy lives!

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  1. We have been cable free for over two years now and other than my HBO fix (I’m just NOT paying that much!) I don’t miss it. I have Netflix, Morgan has Thomas the Tank Engine unlimited, and now both kids have their Disney. Plus, they just added a TON of TLC shows! LOVE Netflix. Also, I have the new Roku3 now, so we have a ton of other choices, including Amazon (we have a prime account), and we’re looking into getting a Redbox account. Cable can suck it.

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