Remember that story that was trending a few weeks ago about a bunch of rich folks paying for a special needs tour guide in order to obtain a Disneyland Guest Assistance Pass? You know, that pass that special needs families get as a “perk?” The one that makes their visit to the happiest place on earth just a little less unhappy?

Well, turns out that not everyone thought it was a bad idea.

In fact, one mom is offering up her special needs child to serve as a Disneyland tour guide for a measly $100.00 per day. In exchange, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the Guest Assistance Pass, and, according to the child’s mom, a whole bunch of other “perks” as well!

This mom is my hero. She took a situation that has resulted in a huge backlash against the special needs community and turned it into something funny.

And if there’s one thing special needs parents need more of, is laughter.

And this video here, made me laugh my ass off.

Also, there may be a real opportunity here to make some extra cash and that’s another thing special needs parents need more of: cold, hard, cash.

Now that I think about it, it’s about time Andrew starts earning his keep around here……*

*It’s a joke. And you’re a certifiable asshat if you don’t realize that.

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