I don’t often ask for much in the way of favors around here, but seeing as how you’ve been hanging around rent-free for so long, I think it’s high time you earned your keep and did me a solid, don’t you?

I’m one of five finalists in the “Most likely to have you reaching for the tissues” category  in the 2013 Parents Blog Awards and I need your vote! Winners will be determined after a voting period that begins today and ends February 26th, and my blog could be featured in an upcoming issue of Parents magazine, which would be kinda sorta SUPER FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

I’m not good at begging for things (at least not when the lights are on and the kids are still awake), so let’s not make this anymore awkward than it has to be.

You, go vote now.

Parents Blog Award Finalist

Me be very grateful.

You go vote again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. And tell friends to do same.

Me will spend significant time delving into reason why I suddenly sound like Elmo.


The end.


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