This is going to be hard to watch.

But watch it anyway.

Watch it because this 23 year-old young man matters.

Watch it because it deserves to be seen.

Watch it because it will make you uncomfortable.

If you watch it, and it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then we’ve got ourselves a real big problem folks.

Watch it so that you aren’t ignorant about what happens to special needs children and adults at the hands of caregivers who are anything but caring.

Watch it because this young man is like a glimpse into the future for me. I look at him and I see my Andrew. He even has the same hair, the same body type, the same moan, the same mannerisms.

I watched it all the way through, even thought I felt like throwing up.

I watched it knowing I would ask you to do the same, knowing that I needed you to see this so that you could touch the ugliness that’s out there, just waiting to prey on people like this young man, if only for a second.

We cannot continue to close our eyes and refuse to witness the atrocities happening to our fellow human beings – our most vulnerable human beings – and claim it’s not our problem.

This pain doesn’t just belong to this young man or his family.

This pain belongs to all of us.

And until we take full ownership of what’s happening in homes and hospitals and institutions across this country and demand full transparency, accountability, and responsibility from the people entrusted to care for those who cannot care for themselves – special needs children and adults will never truly be safe.


Watch it and get mad.
Watch it and wallow in discomfort.

Watch it and give a damn.

The full story on these two yahoo’s can be found here.

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3 Replies to “Video: Autistic Man Abused by Caregivers”

  1. God bless you for speaking up for those who have no voice. For being so poetic and kind in your heart. You are one of those among us who are called to carry the torch of hope for those who have been abused and ignored. Many blessings to you for your compassion and caring heart. These caregivers caught on tape abusing this young man are a disgrace to the human race and the more we expose these evil people, the more we can protect those who need protecting.

  2. The Oakley family is one of the rare families that fight for the severely autistic son no matter how complex or tough his needs are. They view him as a person who is capable of doing better, capable of making progress, which is even more heartbreaking considering how hard this family has worked to protect their son, in the midst of such complex and horrifying experiences. No doubt, this family loves their autistic son and sees him as a person of worth and worthy of love and dignity. Such a shame a few caregivers they thought they could trust, ended up bringing more harm, hurt and distrust to a family that has worked so hard to help their severely autistic son. THese caregivers are every families’s nightmare. Caregivers who come in, seem helpful, but are then secretly caught abusing the autistic child or adult on tape. Imagine the horror this family felt when viewing these videos. The utter torment and despair of thinking, OMG, these were people we thought we could trust, and now we see them doing unspeakable things to our child. a severely autistic child who can’t defend himself or tell others what is being done to him. Pray these caregivers get the maximum punishment coming to them, or if they get off lightly, it will send a message to all who care for autistic people, that it’s okay to eye poke, kick, punch and violently shove autistic people in their care.

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