Something about this feels very familiar.

The whole waking up with one kid totally congested and holy hell you didn’t know that a 50 pound human could produce so much snot and then the other child comes to you and curls up in your lap first thing in the morning (which he never does because he’s too busy playing his iPod touch to acknowledge your existence so early in the day so you just KNOW something is terribly awry) and he’s burning up and of course the thermometer says 102.2 so you get the Motrin and then he barfs all over his bed and the new floor you just installed (which luckily is NOT carpet this time) and so you run him to the bathroom until he’s done puking and you strip his sheets and realize the color-safe bleach fell behind the washer so you lean down to pick it up and on your way back up you hit the top of your head on what has to be the pointiest cupboard corner ever known to man and your husband walks by and tries to help you so you call him a bunch of names and punch the cupboard while you throw a colossal tantrum and you start the load of laundry and suddenly realize it’s been awfully quiet and where the hell is your older kid anyway and then you stumble upon him in the guest bathroom sitting on the toilet watching YouTube videos, exactly where you left him 20 minutes ago.

Ah yes. Now I remember.


Hello Monday.

Nice of you to visit again.


I surrender.

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3 Replies to “I Surrender”

  1. I hate those days so badly. I get them often since my son is now homeschooled and we spend 24/7 with one another. Fortunately, the ONLY perk of this is, he’s not around so many other kids to bring home nasty bugs like that. EEKK!

    I keep trying to surrender. I wave the giant white flag and everyone just laughs lol ((hugs)) hope today is better!

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