So last Thursday my family participated in a fabulous event for members of an amazing organization I’m super proud to be a part of called BlogCrush, which was founded by Marcy Massura and Suz Broughton and consists of some of the most talented and awesome bloggers in Orange County (and beyond, really).

The event was sponsored by Razor and Orange County Great Park in Irvine and was a fun-filled way to hang out with my online friends in real life. Razor brought out a ton of scooters and helmets and the kids were able to try out different models, such as the eSpark and Graffiti scooters. They also hosted a scavenger hunt and gave away a ton of prizes like t-shirts and scooters.

Ian couldn't wait to wear the shirt he won

The kids really got into the hunt and it was so fun watching them run around trying to solve the latest clues. Some of the dads got involved too, not the least of which was my own husband, who is apparently way more motivated by the prospect of a Razor scooter than he is a sink full of dishes and who ran faster than I’ve ever seen him run. Alas, age and gravity got in the way and in the end he was overtaken by a 17 year old “by only 15 steps,” and I watched, slightly amused, mostly embarrassed, as he limped his way back towards us in defeat. Turns out he sprinted towards the finish barefoot and scraped his feet up pretty bad. Luckily, Marcy Massura had a band aid in her car.

Yep. The one injury of the night belonged not to a clumsy child falling off a scooter, but to my overzealous, prize-hungry, determined man. Maybe if I get him one he’ll ride it around the house doing chores?  A girl can dream, can’t she?


There he goes!


*A reader wrote in and asked me (of all people!) for advice on how to get her kids to listen to her. I wasn’t really sure what to tell her, so I sort of made something up. I may or may not have advised her to purchase large quantities of lead-based toys.


*There’s a growing trend among businesses some are referring to as the Brat Ban; places in your community that do not allow children on the premises, such as restaurants, movie theaters, and hotels. Personally I’m not against it, but some folks are up in arms about the whole thing. What are your thoughts?


*Ever since our stay in the hospital with Andrew last December, and his miraculous turn around, I can’t help but wait around for the other shoe to drop. I know I’m not the only mom who struggles with trying to balance staying in the moment and fearing the unpredictability of the future.


*As hard as parenting a special needs child can be, it’s also just as rewarding. And funny. My first slideshow for shows the lighter side of raising Andrew and gives a little peak into some of the reasons he makes us smile.

Stay tuned for more great content throughout the week.

But make sure you check back here too!


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