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This week sure has flown by!  I’ve been busy with the usual every day stuff (trying to change my husband, my kids, my mom) and still managed to create some content I hope you enjoy (I’m a giver, what can I say?).

But all this giving comes at a price.

For the love of God people, if you love, like, or hell, just don’t throw up when you read my stuff, share it with others would you? How will I ever gain fame, make more money than you, live in a better house than you and generally feel superior to you unless you do my dirty work for me?  Below each post are the share buttons to make it easier to pimp me out. Now get to it!

Also, if you don’t follow me on Twitter and/or aren’t friends with me on Facebook yet, how can you stand to look at yourself in the mirror?   The GINORMOUS buttons on the sidebar will take you where you need to go to redeem yourself.

Now for a recap of this week’s blog posts and articles:

*I went to my first AA meeting in a long time on Monday, and finally got my five year chip (not to be mistaken with a stale Frito).

*My husband, ever the doting dad, took on the valiant task of teaching our nine year old son how to gamble. Sort of. And I took a crappy video of it.

*My advice column, Just Ask Jo for OCmoms is going great! I think I’ve transitioned from a legit source of sound information to a column based on solid BS rather effortlessly and the response has been tremendous. This week I dealt with a woman whose rotten mother-in-law is coming down for a visit. And she thought I could help her! HAHAHAH! Anyway, it’s nice to know that people are desperate enough to seek me out!

*Disney recently unveiled a new assistive device for the visually impaired and I had the opportunity to go down to the park in Anaheim and watch as the first guests used it. The looks on their faces as they listened to the vivid descriptions of their locations within the park was priceless and everyone I spoke with that day said they were able to “see” the park in a new way.

*I think my best friend is an addict. To Groupons. It’s pretty serious and I am considering an intervention, though I may need your help in determining the best way to approach this very delicate discount dilemma especially since I sometimes benefit from her crazy devotion to all things 1/2 off.

*Yesterday I heard the devasting news that Amy Winehouse passed away. While I was never her greatest fan (I enjoyed her music and know she was talented as hell)  I was heartbroken to see another human being succumb to her demons (the cause of death has not been officially announced, but I’m willing to bet it was an overdose). It brought out some emotions and an overwhelming sense of gratitude that for today, I am sober. It was also a stark reminder that the odds really are against those of us who are burdened by addiction. One day at a time people. For reals.

*This amazing story about a Special Needs teacher who spent 25 years providing her students with the tools they needed to succeed in life and then ended up disabled herself was both heartbreaking and inspiring. I only wish that all teachers, special needs or not, possessed just a fraction of Robin’s dedication to empowering our youth through tangible solutions and a whole lot of heart.

As far as things around here, we’ve got a grumpy Andrew on our hands; he’s been dealing with a fever for the last two days and though we don’t see any other symptoms, he’s very obviously feeling like crap.  The drool on my bedsheets and the tear stained pillows tell me so. I hate when my kids get sick, don’t you? I’m bathing everyone in Emergen-C and crossing my fingers that he gets better and we don’t all end up with it.

Thanks for checking in, for sharing content, for commenting.

A writer is only as good as her readers and I expect you to be the very best.

Love you all!

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