I know you’re busy.

I know you’ve got mouths to feed, and jobs to keep.

And quite frankly, I don’t care.

Your familyl and professional obligations, or what I like to refer to as “extracurricular activities,” are interfering with your ability to stay up to date on all things Jo Ashline.

Not cool.

But I’m nothing if not compassionate and understanding.  So I’ve come up with what I think is a great compromise.

1. Quit your job

2. Abandon your family


Okay, how about this.

I’ll provide you links to the articles and blog posts you may have missed this week so that you can quickly and efficiently catch up. I’ll do this for you on a weekly basis, and in return, you’ll deposit your life savings in an offshore account in my name.

Hey. It was worth a shot.

Now park it for a little while.

No, seriously. PARK. IT. (she said in her stern Kindergarten-teacher voice)


*Last Sunday, I wrote a piece for OCMoms.com about Special Needs kiddos not being contagious. Read it and pass it on. Let’s spread the truth, not viscous lies and rumors.


*After witnessing a little boy almost drown, I was compelled to share the story with my readers, in the hopes that we can all learn from another family’s near-tragedy.


*My advice column for OCMoms.com, Just Ask Jo, dealt with a mom’s concern about summer break and keeping her sanity during the upcoming months. The advice sounds legit, but as is the case with most things, I have no idea what I’m talking about.


*On June 10th, I celebrated 5 years of sobriety! Woohoo!  An In and Out vanilla shake, a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my husband, and a heart full of love and gratitude made the day extra special!


*TSA agents singled out a special needs man at the Detroit airport and took things too far. Read my take (can you guess what it is?) on the situation here.


So I think that about does it.

And while I realize that it’s easy to fall behind in the midst of the chaos that inhabits all of our lives

may I highly suggest that

you don’t let it happen again.


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3 Replies to “Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. Wow, that is one packed week. Un-freakin-believable how some people can be, still…after you think the world is waking up to better understanding, you come across the diehard narrowminded ones that just leave you questioning the ignorance left in this world.

  2. Oh my goodness me, all that time sitting in front of my vanity and now I’ve fallen behind! Thank you Jo for making sure I am caught up and I’ll try and powder my nose a bit quicker… xoxo

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