It’s official.
I am Mrs. Jo Ashline.

It only took nine years, but today was the day I finally made the five mile trek down to our local Social Security office and legally changed my last name.  I’ve been using “Ashline” on everything since we first entered into wedded bliss on November 24, 2001, but each year as we filed our taxes, my husband would give me the stink eye.

“What’s wrong honey? Do we owe this year?

“You know darn well what’s wrong, Ms. Bartlomowicz.  Why is your social security number still in  your maiden name?”

“I….don’t know.  I guess I forgot again.”

“Dude.  Seriously?  Change it already.”

“Um…..okay……on it.”

So, with 372 days to go until our tenth wedding anniversary, I entered a crowded room on the fifth floor of a high rise building in downtown Santa Ana, and permanently removed the last remnant of my days as a single woman.


You can’t blame a girl for wanting to be sure.

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2 Replies to “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”

  1. heehee! Cute. I didn't want to give up my maiden name either 🙁 I moved it into 'middle' name status, and hyphenated it with my actual middle name! Says so on my driver's licence 🙂 But, now my name is so long because of that, that my married last name is on a second line and it confuses people trying to verify things on my license!

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