Oh Honey!
Where do I begin?

Here I lay wedged between two boys
while you slumber away on a twin mattress below
a compromise, you say, until I get off my hiney and implement a viable solution
to what has clearly become a standoff
(I think we are losing)

Not necessarily romantic
but such is our life together
as we take turns
falling apart
reaching for one another
in the dark

Though I no longer beg you to stay home
each morning
and forget work
and forget the world
just you and I and US
my heart still flutters when I catch your scent
as you depart

Job loss –  not sexy
Illness- not sexy
Living with our parents – waaay not sexy
neither is an overdue bill
or crappy news from another doctor
or clogged toilets and burnt dinner
or coming home to a Do It Right Now or I’ll Have Your Ass on a Platter List

But you know what is?
A man (that’s you!) who loves his wife
his children
his family
a man brave enough to make mistakes
and man enough to admit them
a man who throws his head back and laughs when his nutty wife cries at pharmaceutical commercials
instead of putting her out with Monday’s trash
Now that’s freakin sexy

So step on over that growing pile of laundry, honey (don’t forget to clean the litterbox on the way)
and give me some sugar
because if there’s anything I’ve learned these past nine years
it’s when the doodie hits the fan
(oh man, why is there always so much doodie?)
there’s no one else I’d rather duck it with

Kocham Cie.

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