Well folks, it happened again.

I left my precious wreath alone, bare and vulnerable and at the hands of a woman weilding a hot glue gun, while on a weekend family getaway.  You’d think I’d have learned my lesson from the last time this happened.

The result?

Is nothing sacred around here?!!

In her defense, my mom is clearly experiencing some sort of psychosis breakdown which manifests itself by assaulting innocent wreaths throughout my house.

This one is a sort of fruit motif, with some plastic grapes, shiny red apples, and of course (because how could it possibly be anything else) a Jesus bookmark.

Today we are leaving for the mountains for four days.

Any remaining wreaths have been put under protective custody at an undisclosed location.

Just in case.

*I love my mom.  So very much.  And also I’m a little afraid of her, so keep this post to yourself, okay?  I know she means well.  Also,please note that you can make fun of the fruit all you want, but Jesus is off limits. 

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