I always thougt I would do it here, on this blog.
I pictured the words a thousand times, and imagined the deep exhale that would come with finally giving you all of me, creatively speaking.

But for some reason, I chose this place.
Because it felt safe.
Because it felt right.
Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much where I did it; it just matters that I did.

So take it or leave it.
This is ALL of me.

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6 Replies to “Just Click the Link. Before I Change My Mind.”

  1. I'm just an occasional visitor, but the tears, they are a flowin'. I am so sorry for your bad news, and commend you for your strength and resolve to remain sober. FWIW, my current professor's grown, lawyer daughter has CF and just underwent a successful double lung transplant, so perhaps there is hope for your son's journey as well.

    I also wondered if you 'know' Stefanie Wilder Taylor? She's an author/blogger who also is a recovering alcoholic and does a beautiful feature called Don't Get Drunk Fridays where other women tell their stories – I think you would find an amazing community of support there.

    Much peace and love going out to you.

  2. Jo, I follow you on a daily basis and am so sorry to hear about this new development. I just don't know how all the bad shit happens to some people. My heart is with you. Accept all the support that is offered to you and don't tell family and friends that it is ok when it is not. I have been there, done that and it doesn't work very well.

  3. My heaart goes out to you and your family. My eyes are welling up. You are stronger than any person I've ever met, and I feel so deeply for you and yours. I wish I had better words to express my sympathy, but I don't. I am truly sorry.

  4. Jo, you are an awesome, strong, courageous woman. Thanks SO much for sharing. I too numb myself when I'm overwhelmed, but with food instead of alcohol. Autism is hard enough to deal with, but…

    I will say a prayer for you and your family. Stay strong mama 🙂

  5. Jo, this only makes me wonder what you're really made of…it cannot be the stuff of mere mortals. Not with everything you've gone through and are going through, yet you stopped, and you don't.

    I know you would tell me that you don't have a cape; I find that harder than ever to believe.


    P.S. And blow-drying your hair while you were naked was hard after all the stopping and the not doing? That's what I find even more fascinating.

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