Here it is.
And aside from the usual stuff, like breathing
and eating
and paying bills,
Our lives are made up of
a series

We get them
by experiencing
and ultimately, our lives are
defined by how we see things
and what they mean to us.
So I’m embarking on a little something I’ve dubbed
The Perspective Project (sounds all fancy and important, doesn’t it?).
I’ll be exploring the vital role Perspective plays in my own life and how it shapes me and those around me.
Basically, it’s just another excuse to talk about…you guessed it……ME.
My first installment is a photo captured moments after I reached into the cabinet to pull out Superman’s medication (a rare occurrence in this house); I was blatantly greeted by the stark reality that his health is exponentially better than his brother’s (which of course we’ve known for a long time now) But, in that moment, I was given a fresh, though not necessarily pleasant, perspective just by being greeted by the contents of that cabinet. 
prescription medication2
And yes.  Their real names are on those bottles. I’m tired of the lies people. 
Also, when I went to fill the meds, the pharmacy refused to honor their blog names.  Something about insurance policy regulations and being denied coverage. 
Doesn’t everyone have a blog name?
Get with the times people.  

*Look forward to more upcoming installments on The Perspective Project.  And of course, the usual crap I try to pass off as Blog masterpieces.*

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