carboholics 2 

Subject 1 (Mother) is preparing to indulge in an overflowing bowl of noodles. 


carboholics 9

Subject 2 (Son) Displays similar noodle gathering tendencies.


carboholics 3

Subject 1 shoveling copious amounts of spaghetti noodles into her mouth.

carboholics 7

Subject 2 appears to be displaying the same shoveling tactics as Subject 1.

 carboholics 4

Subject 1 shamelessly gorging.


carboholics 6

Subject 2 using the modern “Hand/Utensil technique.  This shows a mild inconsistency with Subject 1’s more classic and outdated “forklift method” and begs the question, Nature or Nurture?

carboholics 1

Subject 1 appears to be suffering from a classic case of Carboholism.


carboholics 8

Subject 2 clearly suffers from the same fate.



Both subjects, are shown engaging in varying degrees of carboholism-induced behaviors.  This shows patterns which are conclusive with a genetic-predisposition towards a severe addiction to carbs, with a blatant disregard for table manners and serving size.


Subject 2 is hopelessly adorable, even if he has noodles coming out of every orifice in his body.

Subject 1 is hopeless. 

And needs an intervention.

Like five pant sizes ago.

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