So my husband stayed home sick today. 
I left him this morning, in bed, watching televsion, with a box of tissues next to him and plenty of fluids, cough drops, and fluffy pillows under his head.

I just got home from work and

The dishes aren’t done

Dinner isn’t made

The laundry has not been washed

And there is a general funk in the air that I will not describe in order to spare your senses and appetite.

He’s just laying there.


The nerve.

Am I missing something?

*Two reasons I’m not posting the full picture.  1.  He would kill me.  2.  It’s not pretty folks.

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3 Replies to “I’m Confused”

  1. Ahh…Anonymous. I find myself wondering your gender (which is totally gender biased of me). I think the point is that most moms have to work around the house even when they are sick. They can't just lay in bed and rest.

    Dear "a sweet dose of truth"…I feel your pain. Go give hubby a kiss on the forehead and resolve to treat yourself as gently next time you feel sick.

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