I was just surfing the internet, trying to gather some information on adaptive bicycles (which by the way cost about the equivalent of a suburban mortgage payment) and other such equipment, and it has come to my attention that there is a very real and very hideous movement going on.

What the hell is this?

Englarge the photo.
What do you see?
Nope.  Not the bike.

Why does the neurotypical friend/sibling have a decent haircut and a fashion-forward t-shirt depicting characters from a favorite Disney Pixar film?

Why is the boy on the adaptive bike sporting a mullet and a tie dyed monstrisity reminiscent of a bad trip?

Who is the marketing crackhead that approved this photo?

Here’s another.

Wait about ten seconds. 
The image will flash on your screen.
Three children with special needs with really bad haircuts.

I don’t know.  To me, special needs kids are just as deserving of a decent hairstyle as the next kid.  Especially if you’re going to be on an advertisment.  When was the last time Walmart had models with mullets?  I mean, even Walmart  (which, let’s be honest, is a total Mullet Magnet) knows better than that.

Now, I know there’s always a flipside.  Of course I don’t think we should use perfectly poised neurotypical children modeling chew rings in their  mouths or flashing dazzling smiles as they’re photographed  being strapped into a cocoon-like hammock designed for meltdowns.  There is nothing shameful about the very real and very unique needs of our amazing children and they ought to always represent our diverse community honestly and relevently in print and television ads.

But  what does that have to do with each person’s God-given right to a fair and equal haircut?

I say Enough!
Bring on the buzzers!
Bust out the shears!
Put the bowl back in the kitchen cupboard and quit using it as a cutting template!

I’m so irked, I may not finish my rice noodles tonight.
I am turning down carbs people.

Now you know I’m pissed.

*Please.  Before you get all huffy and politically correct on my @ss, remember
a.  I’m a mom of a special needs kid
b.  He has a great haircut
c.  This is MY blog, so neener, neener, neener,
d.  I am right.  You are not.
e.  The title of the post is not referring to our kids, dummy.  It’s a call to action on their behalf.  DUH.

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2 Replies to “Adaptive Doesn’t Have to Mean Butt Ugly”

  1. Hey Jo, Tell us how you really feel… Come on don't hold back, let it out!!!!
    I do have to agree… But if you have ever noticed it's like that for a lot of things… The white guy is always fat and stupid in commercials and a lot of shows….

  2. Whoa, you are soooo right. Those are some ugly cuts. Me, personally I believe our SNKs should always be looking as spiffy as possible to show the world how much they are loved and cared for.

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