I was rockin a pretty decent headache yesterday. It might have had something to do with shopping for back to school crap with Superman and being overwhelmed by the ability to spend money at Target again.

In any case, I drove home with one eye shut, popped some tylenol, drank half a pot of coffee and

Told. My. Mom.

Which resulted in THIS:

Not the zit dummy.

The cabbage hat on my head.

Obviously you know very little in the ways of back alley headache treatments.

By the end of the night
my head was still pounding.
But I had a blog topic for today!
And really, that’s the most important thing here, isn’t it?

My father would like me to mention that my mother’s cabbage cure does not represent the views of all Polish people.

Because we are a country divided between cabbage and peppermint, mashed potatoes and vinegar.

So you can have your Tylenol and Vicks.

I like treatments that you can nibble on in case you get hungry in the middle of the night.

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5 Replies to “Be Careful Who You Complain To”

  1. LOL I have never seen cabbage on a head before. BUT I do have to say it felt terrific in my bra when I stopped breastfeeding and got engorged. 🙂

  2. so funny, did you try some windex. I thought that was the Greek cure all. LOL At least that is what was shown in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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