My ego needs stroking.

I know I am building a wonderful readership here on my blog. It has been an amazing journey so far, one that I am excited to continue. It has helped me chronicle my everyday joys and woes, and has helped build discipline in an art I have always loved but buried and kept secret for too long.

But I need your help.

See, I love reading your comments and knowing that you are reading what I have to say (even though, half the time, I have no idea what I’m talking about). It gives me strength and courage and inspiration.

So I guess I am trying to tactfully solicit (read: beg) you for comments. Just letting me know you are there. Because it’s fun to read what you have to say. And while I want to develop an audience for my writing, I also want to make new friendships and connect with old ones.

Plus, it’s like the blogging version of tipping. You wouldn’t run out on your waitress at Red Robin after she brought you that third extra ranch dressing would you? Or not tip the stripper that………………well, okay, you get my drift.

So let me know you’re out there. And let your friends know I’m out here. Sharing is caring people. You learned it in kindergarten. It’s time to put it to good use.

And tell me what you think.

Otherwise, all I hear are crickets.

And since I know you are probably busy, or lazy, or both, and because this is a Full-Service blog, I have compiled some pre-made comments for you! I know! I think of everything!

Official Dose of Blog-Approved Comments:

*You are terrific!

*You make me: (pick one: smile, laugh, cry, happy to be alive)

*I wish I were you!

*My God, you are dripping with talent!

*It’s like Shakespeare but better, without all of the thy’s and thee’s and wilt thou’s

*Could you be any prettier?!

*Getting out of bed used to be hard, but not anymore! Your blog gives me inspiration to feed, clothe, and occasionally even bathe my children!

These are just some of the pre-approved comments at your disposal people! Now all you have to do is type them in.


I can’t do everything for you!

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11 Replies to “Just a Tiny Favor”

  1. You are terrific!

    Really, and all I had to do was copy/paste to let you know this!

    Anyway, I do want to let you know that I enjoy your blog quite a bit and I look forward to your creativity and your views on the everyday things.

  2. Thanks so much TUC! That is so kind of you! I love reading your blog as well! I am working on a blogroll and will be adding your link to my page!


  3. Another thing you might want to do is add Google Analytics to your blog. Then you can see how much traffic you have even though people may not be commenting.

  4. I actually use stat counter, so I know that i have readers all the way in the UK, China, etc…..but is Google Analytics better?

  5. You make me smile.

    I am WAY too lazy to comment from my reader. I love seeing what my friend in CA is up too.

  6. love reading your blog jo. It’s like finding a 20 dollar bill in an old pair of jeans. It’s been years since we’ve been close, but a fun surprise that you haven’t changed at all… all the GOOD ways of course.

    You are still the witty, talented, sarcastic, ferocious, warm and loving chick I knew when we were teens! I am really proud of you and how you’ve evolved into a fantastic mother, wife, and daughter!

    Keep writing, cuz I am reading!

    Nasty Hermie

  7. OK. I will go with:

    My God, you are dripping with

    I have been so bad lately at commenting and even reading. So, I will give you the “It’s not you, it’s me” answer. I have had trouble even writing.

    Hope you get lots of comments and feel better about it all. I know it is frustrating. Hang in there.

  8. I love how I can hear you SPEAKING as I read your blog! Okay, I did only comment that because you’re begging for it, but really, I’ve been meaning to comment that for a LONG time now!

  9. Love you and your blog – feel like although I don’t see or speak to you enough I am connected to you and your world and….too funny, but, I just mentioned you to one of my other writer friends (yes unbelievable I have two in my life!!) about how I hound the two of you… surely one of you will include me in your credits – “and to my P.I.T.A Nag friend Monica – here is your book – Happy? LOL!” Wish I had your talent – love, love, love the blog – even started reading some of your blog links as well – thinking of starting one myself! 🙂
    PS the poem was amazing as well!

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