I am not good at being sick.

In fact, I stink at it.

I don’t know how to lay down, or not do the dishes, or not fold the laundry, or not cook dinner, or not prepare the kiddos’ lunch boxes for the next day. I keep looking around my germ-ridden bedroom, wanting to vaccum, and organize and finally finish painting that one little corner on the ceiling that needs a major touch-up.

But I am sick enough that I am even postponing going pee as long as I can because there is an entire marching band made up of tone deaf trumpet players playing a crappy rendition of “Louie Louie” in my head every time I stand up.

Man I wish I had a bigger bladder.

But I am also a total control freak who cannot stand it when my loving husband doesn’t do something the way I would do it and so this is just God’s little way of showing me that I am not the one in charge and to sit my ass down already and let someone else run the show for a change.

And guess what? The kids have been fed. All three days! I know!
And no one went to school naked!
And I think teeth were brushed, and hair was combed, and I even heard toilets flushing!

And someone subbed for my kindergarten class and there have been no reports of children flunking out or fires being started or classwork being done upside down.

Could I have been wrong all this time?
Maybe it’s okay if I step aside sometimes and let others make the decisions and organize the events and make the preparations.

Who am I kidding. That is so not gonna happen.
It’s called OCD people!

I made an Irish dinner in the crockpot today because that was all i could muster but i can’t taste or smell anything…… the husband is eating it and hasn’t gagged once……which means it must be okay…….

Did I mention yet how boring being sick is???????????????????

im done.

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